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      Thank you OHfemail!

      Wow, what a great box of nicely wrapped goodies arrived for Scout (and I!) Scout seems to know when a box is for him:

      I'm just going to dive right in and open it while its still in the box!

      Let the mayhem (ahem, opening gifts!) begin!

      And then there was this one, snagged, half opened, then into the package, all while playing keep-away!

      Turns out it was really nohmmmmy goodie bones

      And meany that I am, took that nommmy bone away and made him pose nicely with his loot:

      Thank you guys and Gabby very much! Scout got a cute Christmas squeaky/crinkle toy, the apparently really delicious bones, awesome pig's snouts, a nice bright hunter orange and bright green collar. And the birds got their absolute favourite, Spray Millet, that stuff is birdie crack, I swear! And I got a pretty tin full of homemade Buckeyes! how appropriate coming from Ohio! I absolutely love them!

      Thanks again so much!
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      OHfemail (12-31-2016)

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      Thrilled to see that everything was a success! (I raised cockatiels, and you're absolutely right about the "bird crack" millet)! Enjoy and Happy New Year's Eve!
      Last edited by OHfemail; 12-31-2016 at 11:49 AM. Reason: Ha ha - typed "mullet"

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      Ha! Wondered how you selected the spray millet! None of these 3 birds are hand tamed (got them all as adults) but they all interact with who ever is around, and they all will come over and take a millet bunch from me.
      Thanks again!

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