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    Thread: Timberrrr!

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      Dec 2017
      North Pole, of course
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      Oh Timber, do you know who this is? It is I, your TimberElf! What is a TimberElf? I am not a ferocious Elf, roaming the snowy hinterlands. I am Santa's special Elf who will be helping Santa decide what sort of fun and yummy things you, Timber, might like this year! This is a very serious assignment and I want to do a great job.

      So tell me, Timber, what do you like to do in your free time? Do you swim, play in the yard, hunt, hike, take long walks on the beach? Have you been given clearance to chase bunnies again? I know last year you were not allowed to do that. Do you have any favorite treats you want Santa to bring? Have you been a good, good puppy this year?

      And while you're at it, what about your Mom, has Dakota18 been a good Momma this year? Does your Momma have any treats she really likes or cannot eat?

      OK, I've gotta go, Santa has called me for a consultation. I try to be very helpful to Santa, that's just the sort of Elf I am! I hope you're as excited as I am!

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      Dec 2017
      North Pole, of course
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      Oh Timber, do you know who this is? It is I, your TimberElf, here to bring you an update!

      Santa and I have been very busy and we have your package ready to go out on the sleigh today! I made a list and checked it twice. I wanted to check some of the things inside, too, but Santa said I had been helpful enough! I don't think that's fair, I am a tester of all things labbie, you know.

      I did do one final check of the package before we put it on the sleigh! Keep a look out!


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      Oh Timberelf! I am so excited and so sorry that my mom didn't let me on the computer for so long! You see- she is a teacher and she spent all last week working on report cards. She was so busy and I was so bored! But now that I know you are coming- I'm in the holiday spirit. I know I'll be excited for the box. Yes I can slowly chase bunnies again! We are amazed on how good my leg healed. I do have to say I'm a little chubby- I just can't help myself!
      Will let you know when Santa arrives!

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