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      Secret Santa 2018


      Hi Guys
      Almost time to start thinking about Christmas (can't believe it... where has the time gone?)

      Here is the link for sign-ups.

      Lab-Retriever Secret Santa


      1. You must have at least 100 posts to participate! It's very easy to do.
      2. You must be signed up no later than October 31st. You will receive your match by November 15th.
      3. You MUST post a picture of your dog with their gifts!
      4. If you sign up, you MUST send a gift!
      5. Send by dates:

      • November 25th: international gifts
      • December 1st: Canada to/from USA
      • December 5th: within USA

      If you have any issues shipping (packages lost, delayed, sent out late), PM or email me and I will relay the info to your Santa.
      If you are an international Santa, some countries require customs forms, so do your homework. Mark your package "Holiday Gifts" and get tracking, delivery confirmation and insurance.

      Expect to spend between $20-25 on your match and an additional $15 on any extra dogs. This doesn't include shipping, tracking or insurance. Send early! Don't procrastinate! The deadlines above give ample time. If you are shipping directly from a vendor (Petco, Petsmart etc.) and it will arrive early, PM or email me and let me know so I can let your victim know and they don't open it early!

      Experienced members: please post your experience and tips for other members!

      Any questions, just PM me or post here. Honorary Labs are welcome.

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      We always look forward to our Lab Board Secret Santa! Thank you for doing this again!

      For anyone who hasn't done it before, take a look at the Secret Santa section on the board to get an idea of what goes into it. It's fun to participate leading up to the actual exchange by giving your Secret Santa person some hints along the way as to who you are or who your pups are. And it's fun to watch your dog open his/her presents. It doesn't take long for a dog to figure out how to get the box open. Chase was a master at it. If the box was large enough, say sent directly from Chewy or somewhere, he especially enjoyed then climbing into the box and sitting there, like a cat. Sign up! Sign up!

      Oh my gosh! I'm still trying to get my act together for dinner tonight!

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      Yay! Samson had the best secret Santa last year for my first time. We now have so many great ideas for this year!

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      Jollymolly (09-14-2018)

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