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      Wow! My Secret Santa ROCKS!!!

      Ram Jet Rocket Dog Here...

      Sorry for the delayed response on the forum. The owner drove us to Phoenix to visit her grandkids for the holidays. I knew we had a very special package on the kitchen table waiting for our return. (My trusty nose told me. Who needs to read!!!) Yeah, I knew there were treats inside, but who would've believed there was so much other loot? It was great.

      Love, love, love the blanket, the goodies, the Christmas-light-up-collar that will make a black dog visible on a dark night, the cushy cat and bone AND ESPECIALLY the squeeky duck. (Shouldn't it quack??? But hey, who's complaining. It's a DUCK. And I can carry it around and play keep away with Bridget and LeeRoy.) And the owner tells me we're going to play FIND IT with some other tools in the bounty-box.

      All 4 of us want to thank the wonderful Secret Santa (a.k.a. Poptop, a.k.a. Katie and Fran) You are the BEST.


      (I'm wearing the collar, but the duck obscures the bright red lights. Sorry about that folks.)

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      One happy looking pup! So glad you like the goodies.

      Katie here: Mom would not let me play-test any of the toys so hope they are what you like.

      Not sure why but the guy I got the collar from tucked in a package of extra batteries. You are going to be seen in the dark for a long, long time, LOL
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      Look at that Happy Dog

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      Wow! Wonderful gifts and one happy dog!

      Way to go Secret Santa!

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      You're so sweet Fran.

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