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      Gabby ( OHFemail) - Have you been a good girl??

      Hi Gabby! Jolly Ol' Saint Barker here letting you know that I'm busy checking my list to see if you've been naughty or nice this year! I hope you've been a good girl!

      What's on your list for this year? Are you more of a fashionista, or playful tomboy? What about mom - is there anything special on her list?

      Behave yourself and you'll be hearing from me soon.

      Love Santa

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      WOOF!!! (Mom made me type that, but she had to help with the shift key.) She said it means the same thing as "treats! dinner time! wanna play?!" When she told me it was time for Secret Santa, I got all crazy and happy. As much as the parents would like me to be more girly, I'm kind of the anti-fashionista. They like to put neon colors around my neck, in the hopes that other people will think I'm a girl dog. I don't think it does much good, but I'm okay with that. I'm just a very good girl, and not at all picky. Mom takes me for walks, and she always has to check to make sure my poo bags don't have holes in them. She re-uses the newspaper bags, which I bring in from outside. Sometimes my teeth tear the bag, and I guess that's bad for poo collection. Maybe she could use one of those fancy poo bag dispenser thingys that the neighborhood dog owners walk around with? I do know that we're HAPPY that it's SS time again!!!

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