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      SS for Murphy in Connecticut!

      Top o' the weekend to you, Murphy dog! With the holiday season fast approaching, it's time to introduce myself and give you a big welcome to the fun world of Secret Santa, lab style. It gets a little crazy around here, but my specialty is making good dogs go crazy waiting for their special gifts to arrive. I have a lab and it's very cold right now, but those are the only hints you'll get this time. Do you have any fun things that you like to play with or chew on? Maybe mom would like something nice, too? Be a good dog, because I'll be watching and reading all about you.

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      Dear SS, This is my first Christmas and I am so excited. I have never had a secret santa before. I can assure you I'm a very good boy. You can even ask my mom, she has taken me to obedience classes since I was 9 weeks old and I listen to whatever she tells me to do. (I'll do anything for treats) She practices with me every day and when I grow up I want to be a therapy dog but I'm too young right now, I have to be 1 year old to take the test and I am only 9 months old! My trainer says she thinks I would be great at it because of my calm temperment. All of my teachers at daycare say that I am very good too and play well with other dogs and humans and I am especially good around kids. I absolutely LOVE tug toys and the rope toy with lots of knots I used to chew on just wore out and somehow it disappeared. I've been looking for it and can't find it. I am very fond of treats too but my mom likes me to have healthy things and no rawhides or bones. My mom loves nuts and chocolate, sometimes I see my mom sneak some and eat them when no one is looking but don't tell her I said that! Thank you for letting me know that you know where I live and that you might have a special gift for me. I will be extra good. Tell me SS, do you get snow in the winter at your house?
      Your friend,
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      Murphy born Valentines Day 2014

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