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      Hi Bacon, EGG here

      Hi Bacon,

      I'm EGG (Elfs for Good Guys). You have made it to my good list this year and I'm searching the shelves for perfect gift! According to my intel, you have been a very good boy this year. Your Mom and Dad report that there have been several occasions where they are very proud of you. I know you like the great outdoors, you're very smart, handsome and quite the power chewer. It will be a treat (although not a chicken treat) to pick out something very special for you and your Mom and Dad. I haven't picked out the perfect gift, yet, so suggestions (for Mom and Dad, too) would be good.

      Keep up the good work Bacon!


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      Bacon Here. Hello EGG, I knew you were real!!!! I have been the best boy ever this year! I have had lots of fun hunting and playing with my parents. I am wishing for toys that squeak and are very tough. I love running around squeaking my toys, it drives my parents crazy! Thanks for not giving me chicken, it makes my belly feel icky.

      My mommy loves chocolate anything, but especially chocolate covered pretzels. I try to ask her for some, but she isnt very good at sharing with me. My daddy likes dark chocolate milky ways. He doesnt share either. They are Meanies!

      I will be a really good boy until Christmas, I promise!
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