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      Nov 2014
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      Merry Christmas Gabby!

      Hi there Gabby! Since you've been such a good girl this year, your sleigh is all loaded and should reach you by the end of this week! I hope you like your gifts and don't break anything with all your butt - tucking.

      It does snow where I live, and I'm a chocolate boy.

      Keep being a good girl. Ol' Saint Barker is watching!

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      I've been SO good and when mom told me that the sleigh is coming, I ran to the front door! She explained that it wasn't here yet, but I don't really understand that. Then she mentioned patience, which I've learned all about, so I'm going to try very hard to wait. I'm trying to guess who you are, and I left a big snout mark on mom's laptop, but I can't smell a thing.

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