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      Nov 2015
      North Pole
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      Daisy, have you been a good girls this year so far? (WhoopsaDaisy)

      Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas Daisy,

      This is your very own personal secret Santa here. Hopefully you have been a very good girls this year. I am letting you know I have a special package for you ready to go. Before I seal the package up and send it off, I was wondering if there was anything special you would like. Also what is something your mom might like. I know she takes very good care of you and is always sharing pictures and stories of you. But if there was a special treat your mom might like then please let me know.

      If your trying to guess who I am, I am a yellow Santa Paws, that is very energetic. I have been on the forums for a while and post quite a bit. There is one special gifts I give out every year you will be getting, it's green. Do you think you know who I am?

      Daisy's Santa Paws.

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      May 2014
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      Haha, I almost missed this thread! I was wondering if you are a talented yellow pup who likes to dress up like a hippie for Halloween?
      I am so happy to get your message and to tell you I've been a good girl. I stayed at my Aunt and Uncles house for Thanksgiving while my Mom was away and I didn't chew up any of the kids toys!
      I really would enjoy anything you picked out for me and I'm excited for anything!
      My Mom says I need a new collar or new tag this year with my new address on it. I moved to a new state this summer and my Mom had not even updated my tag at all. I would only want my tag or collar to say Cincinnati, Ohio with my Mom's phone number (pm?). There is a funny bad tags website my mommy has been enjoying their Instagram account.
      Did I guess right???
      Katie and Aric (7/1/17) Hidden Content
      Whoops-a-Daisy B. 1-26-13 Gotcha 8-25-13
      Jett B 8-17-17, Gotcha 10-7-17

      “Once you have had a wonderful dog, a life without one, is a life diminished.”
      —Hidden Content (author,Hidden Content )

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      May 2014
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      You are correct it is me, Hemi.

      Sorry we are just seeing this, my dad had to go out of town last week on Thursday and Friday and I stayed with my Aunt and her labs. I don't know their password so I didn't get on to see this post. Dad was busy working and didn't see it either.

      Good news and Bad news, bad news I wouldn't be able to grant your request, because Good news your package is already on it's way. It should be there the beginning of this week I would think. Hopefully, you enjoy what I picked out for you. I sure know that I would enjoy them. Dad was wrapping them up and had to keep telling me no, don't you hate it when they do that. I sat there staring at him and when he would look away I tried to "test" yeah that's it I was trying testing the toys. One toy did get a little slobber on in, I hope you don't mind. Dad took it back out of my mouth before I could run. He is unfortunately pretty fast at catching me. He has that eye in the back of his head thing. I was really sad when he packed them all in a box. Every time he reached for that box I would stand up thinking it was time for me to play with something.

      Merry Christmas,
      Hemi and Jeff

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