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    Thread: MightyThor

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      Dec 2015
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      Ho Ho Ho Thor! I looked at my list and checked it twice and you are on my nice list!! My reindeer and I are making a special trip to your house on Tuesday, Dec 22nd so make sure to look for it! By the way, I have black paws and love to swim. Can you guess who I am?
      Santa Paws

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      Bend, Oregon
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      Oh boy oh boy oh boy! I get super excited every time someone comes to my house, and especially if they have a package! Even if it's not for me (but it usually is).

      Hm, a swimmer? Maybe you can teach me something. I just haven't caught on yet. Hopefully I enjoy snow more than water, because we're gonna go play in a lot of it for Christmas!
      Mighty Thor, "So Much Dog", born 1/6/2014
      And baby Barley, born 3/9/2018

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