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      Aug 2014
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      Thank you Mocha & Duchess and Angela for our Christmas surprise!!

      Sorry for the sideways pics......not sure why that is happening and couldn't figure out how to turn them??The boys were excited to see what their secret Santa had sent them!!
      -img_2491-jpg-img_2507-jpgThe box came full of wrapped gifts!! Two stuffies(that Gibby loves), lots of treats, 3 cool scarfs, and a towel with a cute saying on it. The fancy dog cookies look like real cookies, my grown son almost ate one as we watched and giggled and then he got suspicious.
      -img_2501-jpgGibby suckling on his new guitar stuffie, which is one of his favorite past times.
      He is wearing one of the new scarfs in my signature picture, I think he looks very dashing in it.
      Thank you so much, it was fun participating in this gift exchange.
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      Love the scarf pic!

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      Great job Secret Santa. Two very happy pups.
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      May 2014
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      Hi, Mocha here.

      You are very welcome! I did taste the toys and deemed them great. I was a little disappointed when Mommy closed them in a box but when she told me they were going to you, Gibson and Scooter, I was very happy.

      Give your mommy lots of kisses to thank her for signing you guys up. I give my mommy kisses all the time. I try to kiss Duchess, too, but she doesn't like it as much.

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