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      Thank you Mardi & Archie!!!

      Archie and Quinn were completely spoiled. Thank you so much for the lovely gifts, the collars are gorgeous and the perfect colours for them. Quinn loves her little stuffie, she even brought it to bed and the treat puzzle was a big hit.

      My gifts are wonderful too, thank you so much - the bag is beautiful!! Quinn has a show on the 27th and I'll use the bag to carry all her goodies Merry Christmas!!

      Laura, Archie & Quinn
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      Love the pics with their new collars!

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      Mardi and Archie here: We had a blast putting the box together for all of you. We puzzled over collars for a while but Mom made the final decision. You can untie the side ties on the bag and it makes a great tote for all your show needs.

      The smiling, happy faces are all the thanks we need.

      Merry Christmas.
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      Woooo hooooo

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