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      Thank You Mighty Thor from Mighty Mocha!

      Hey Thor!

      You make a Mighty Santa Paws! Everything was great! I love the stretchy chewy toy and yummy treats! I even loved the paper with nothing in it! Mommy says that's for packing, but it was fun, too. Mommy said I couldn't eat the packing so I went back to the toy. Then she unwrapped two other things like the things she said they can make hot chocolate! They are really cute mugs! Mommy loves hot chocolate. I can't have chocolate because I'm chocolate on the outside so I can't have chocolate on the inside. But I can have treats and toys! Mommy said the mat is supposed to catch dog hair, but I like to ball it up like a pillow. It's very comfy.

      Thank you so much! While I opened my gifts, Daddy took lots of pictures.

      My box from Santa Paws! Presents!


      What's this?

      I love this S thing!

      Thank You! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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      Great job Secret Santa! You made Mocha one very happy pup, and his Mom too.
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      Oh boy oh boy! I'm glad you like the toy, it's my very favorite in the whole world. In fact, I love it so much that I have three of them just in case one gets lost under the couch or something. I absolutely cannot go a day without a rousing game of tug and fetch with it, so it's important I always have one to spare! I also sleep with it just in case mom and dad want to play a game of tug in the middle of the night. Mom says it's annoying, but I don't believe her.
      Mighty Thor, "So Much Dog", born 1/6/2014
      And baby Barley, born 3/9/2018

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      Woo hoooo score

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