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      May 2014
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      Murphy says THANK YOU to Gabby in OH!!!

      Gabby & Family,

      Sorry for my delayed response...Murphy did get to open his presents last Friday, but then I had to leave town on a work trip Friday...it's been a whirlwind. BUT, thank you so much for the lovely gifts and the treats for humans! They were a hit!!!

      Murphy checking out his box, is this for me?

      Murphy smells something good in here!!!

      It's minty freshness, this might be even better than my antler!

      When I see toys that I really want, I can jump really high!

      The obligatory pose before he can play!!! He got a wonderful jingle collar, 2 toys, 3 balls and some minty fresh dental chews. How wonderful!!!

      Let the butt tucking commence:

      Quickly followed by rolling around with the new toy:

      The humans also got some really tasty "buckeye" candies representing the state of Ohio...no picture of those since they are quickly disappearing!

      Thank you so much for the lovely Christmas surprise!!! Happy Holidays to Gabby and family! May the snow come your way to play in soon!

      Love, Murphy and Tracy

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      Yippee! I'm so glad that Murphy got to open his presents and that you humanoids enjoyed the buckeye chocolates. It was great fun to play Secret Santa again. Happy New Year to all!

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      Woooo hoooo

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      Great delivery Santa Paws!
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