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      Cookie Thank you so much!!! You came just in time.

      Thank you Cookie my secret santa,

      Dad and I were hanging out in the house today and the doorbell rang. It was the postman. Dad didn't think anything of it because he was expecting another package and he set it aside. I kept bugging him and bugging him like come on dad. I smell good things in here. Finally I convinced Dad to look and he realised it was from Serbia. He laughed and said ok.

      Here is when dad realized it is for me. By the way the poop bag dispenser, lights up I didn't see that till later. That's awesome. Could have used it the other night.

      Love my toy Cookie if you were closer you could come play

      Hemi in his new collar, that's pretty sharp.

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      Wow, that was fast! I am glad Hemi got his presents just in time for Christmas and I see he obviously loves them! Thanks for the videos, I couldn't stop smiling! Hemi is such a sweetheart!

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      Wooooo hoooooo score.

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      Your laugh makes me laugh! Nice haul Hemi
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      Oh Hemi, sticking you head in the box is making me laugh so hard.

      Awesome delivery Santa Paws.
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