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      Quote Originally Posted by windycanyon View Post
      ...........perfect site for the dogs.
      I would have to agree!

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      You're doing fine with Rocky. Just go with the flow.

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      We do the sit-stand as well as sit-down-stand as part of Chloe’s therapy for her weak back leg, too.

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      Thanks again everyone.

      Yes I have AC, got a new unit late last summer. The house is COLD (seriously). I will ask again about pain meds.

      We did more stretches before but I get antsy now as he gets SOOO exited at meal times. But I am finding ways to do them ... just in a different routine than just at meals. We do sit/stands. walk backwards (getting much harder for him) and some stretches on the steps. I have a few fitpaws he could balance his front legs on but he can be clumsy so i always worry he'll stumble (even as I try to help).

      Rocky does not pee or poop in the yard. nor does he really move around much. So I leash him up and we cross the street to some green space and walk back and forth (so if he pants we can bee-line indoors, if he doesn't we can just keep going). He's doing this thing where he won't pee after work :P Again something I need to get over as he clearly doesn't care. It's really hot but he hasn't peed since 6am so I take him out after work (4pm)and he won't pee. so we do multiple in and outs (in to cool down/rest, try again). we'll see if it improves with the slightly less hot weather He had done this awhile back (pretty sure when it was hot) and then got better but maybe that was because our walks were a wee bit longer.

      The last treatment took a few days to help (it always does) and his body seemed better for a week but it's declined again. he's probably need to go every two weeks but i can't afford that (it's like $200/treatment all in) AND I am pretty stressed about bringing him in at all (because he stresses :P ) His feeling better also coincided with the great decline in ability to walk much.

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