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      UPDATE: Surgery or Let Her Go :-( ???

      I thought I would post an update and maybe this might be helpful to anyone else going through something similar. Well first off our girl is still with us she has had a few bumps along the way where we thought it was time. One was unrelated to the cancer as she fell when we weren't home and could hardly walk (told ourselves if she broke something we would put her to sleep then and not have her suffering with cancer and a broken leg or hip). We took her to the vet straight away and they did an x-ray, nothing broken and four days later she was fine. Then a few weeks ago she became really ill, throwing up, would not stop eating grass, took to vet again thinking this is it and nope she has acid reflux. So it has been a trying time but last time we went to the vet the cancer growth has not gotten much bigger so hopefully we have her a bit longer. In the last week though it has started to bother her as before she never paid attention to it. Besides posting an update, I also wanted to thank all of you again that replied to my original post for all the support, prayers, and sharing your experiences. I really know now we made the right decision to not do the surgery. I really believe had we done it the cancer would have spread rapidly and she would have been gone in a matter of weeks. Even though they only gave her a month if we choose not to do the surgery she is still with us and we have had 3 in bit months with her and hopefully a month or so more. So the biggest thank you to all of you again because reading your experiences really played a part in our decision making. Plus, I know now when the time does come we will have no regrets of not doing the surgery and will always feel blessed with the extra time we have had with her.

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      I'm glad to hear your girl has been able to share more time with you than you'd been told to expect...and it sounds like it's mostly been good quality time.

      Thank you for letting us know...continued good thoughts headed your way for your girl's future.
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      Thank you for the update on you and your girl. I'm glad you've had some extra time with her and that you feel you made the correct decision for her regarding the surgery. We honor them by making these difficult but loving decisions on their behalf. Sending strength and hugs.

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      Thank you for the update. As long as she has quality of life, is happy, and pain can be controlled, she will continue to be with you and share her love. You'll know when it's time to help her.

      Homing seniors it happens all to quickly for us but I do not regret helping relieve illness and pain, something they cannot do for themselves. It is my burden to shoulder the grief but I have no regrets.

      Sending gentle hugs and pats. Sending support to you. Prayers to both of you.
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      Sending along hugs for you and your precious girl! Also sending along lots of prayers and positive thoughts that you will have a lot of quality time left together!

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      Stephveda (08-08-2017)

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      sending thoughts and prayers. Sounds like she is enjoying life and comfortable, that's what is important.

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      Sending good thoughts.

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