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      Yeah, that was an assumption. One drug in particular was mentioned to have serious side-effects. I don't know, herbs, although natural, can still be poison.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Berna View Post
      I bought some traumeel and zeel but honestly, I am reluctant to try it, after what Capra wrote happened to Cilek with homeopathic medication. I am using what I know won't hurt him. Natural remedies can still be poison, remember that. I decided I won't use anything new with my old dog, unless it's a life-threatening situation.

      Rocky was on NSAIDs before, right? I'd use these.
      I was taking Ram's Traumeel and Zeel for a couple of weeks because my right hand has trigger thumb and it won't bend, but I didn't notice any difference with respect to pain or function. I don't think that they make any difference for Ram either.
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      Talked to vet again and stood my ground a bit more. We're doing 3-4 days of metacam (with zero plans to use it as ongoing unless needed at end of life - and I don't think we are quite at end of life stage...though I know that is coming soon enough). It's a long shot. I will try stairs Friday or Saturday. I prefer trying Friday but it makes more sense to try when I am home all day and may call a friend to help.

      I had another flash, a human Rocky loves downstairs could help (motivation wise). But there has only been one human he'd literally go crazy for and I haven't seen him in many years. He loves my brother so that is also an option if my brother is game to humor me

      Rocky was on another homeopathic pain reliever and I saw not change so stopped (R55?) Have not heard of zeel.

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