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      Oct 2017
      Huntington, NY
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      Problems with Walking and Kidneys


      I am new to the forum. I have a 14 year old, 75 lb female lab named Chappy. For the past few months, she's been having trouble with hind end weakness-- her legs occasionally go out from under her. Sometimes she does a split, sometimes she just falls. Recently, she's dragged her back legs a couple of times. We have hardwood floors, tile, and carpet. She's most comfortable on the carpet, although she's fallen a couple of times there too. We currently have her in non-slips socks when she's inside, and that seems to be helping. She's on Rimadyl (150) and gabapentin (200 twice a day) as well as Glucosamine/MSM treats.

      She had a slightly elevated creatinine (1.6) several months ago and her diet is Hills K/D.

      I had the vet out yesterday to take a look at her, because she seemed to worsen last week. He said that overall, she looks very healthy for her age. Gums, etc. a good color. He thinks there's a neurological component to the walking issue (she didn't turn her paw back when placed on her knuckles). He drew some blood, and her creatinine levels have increased (3.3; BUN 51). He wants to retest her blood in a couple of weeks to see if there are more changes. In the meantime, I'm going to try to take her off the Rimadyl in case that's exacerbating her kidney issues.

      Does anyone have any suggestions? I guess I'm concerned about the trade off between the Rimadyl (she's still able to walk 1/2 mile or so) and her kidneys.

      Looking forward to any responses and getting to know you and your dogs. Thanks.

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      May 2014
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      Hi and welcome. I'm sorry Chappy is having problems. I have carpets and throw rugs all over so that my dog can walk through the house and stay on rugs. It's not necessarily attractive but I hate to see them slip. It's got to be hard to balance the need for pain relief with not wanting to kill her kidneys. Did the vet offer any other recommendations? Many folks here are dealing with senior dogs with mobility issues. I hope you find some helpful suggestions.

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      A few of us are in the same boat with the neurological issues (hind end). Rocy has been knuckling for years (he is 13) and we are are doing all we can to keep the back legs moving. that is when his steps on the top of his foot.

      ABSOLUTELY recommend carpets all over at least paths of carpet for him to move. especially anywhere he has to get up. It aint pretty but I have carpets all over.

      For neurological issues, some alternative treatments can help. Like accupunture. We are doing neurotherpy, cant say for sure how much it helps but he is still moving which is impressive.

      We went off metecam over a year ago. It's a hard choice because quality of life is as important as quantity. Sometimes it is worth having a bit less time but that time being pain free and rich. There is a new drug out that is better on theri system but more expensive. It is called Galliprant. I couldn't get it here in Canada.

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      tmsquirg (10-26-2017)

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      Hello and Welcome!

      So sorry Chappy is having problems. We home seniors so the unsteadiness in the back end is not unfamiliar. We have carpet runners all over the house; the rubber backed ones are the best. No fashion statement but gives great traction. Potion has a reaction to Rimadyl but it was elevated liver values. She had to be taken off it and vet suggested Hepagen C (mild thistle) and wild salmon oil. It does not cure anything but does help support liver function. Don't know about kidney function.

      Sending good thoughts and prayers for your sweet pup.
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      tmsquirg (10-26-2017)

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      May 2014
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      Did your Vet Xray her back? When we had some problems like that it was in the middle of the spine. Over a two year period we went to ever stronger meds and the last one, I forget what it was, but the breeder suggested it. The breeder said it "would toast" her kidneys but at that time, nearly 14.5 years, pain management was more important to me.

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      tmsquirg (10-26-2017)

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      My Hershey had spinal stenosis....wobbly hind end, legs going out from under him (actually misdiagnosed by an ortho specialist at first as tight groin muscles...that tightness was what his body did to keep him being able to control those legs). We had him on a combination of meds that included Tramadol, which I understand can be used with gabapentin. I think (think!!!) Tramadol is easier on the kidneys than Rimadyl...but still affects them. Hershey didn't have any of those other issues.
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      May 2014
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      Another senior lab owner here. Kimber had a spinal injury 5 years ago, and in the last six months she's had a lot of back end weakness, which the rehab vets said is probably arthritis. Senior labs' back ends just have a propensity for going out. Things we do:

      1. Since her injury, Kimber's been taking a low dose of Rimadyl each day. Luckily, no liver problems have developed. It makes a huge difference in her quality of life. When her back end first started going the vet added Tramadol to see if there was a pain component, but when we didn't see any improvement, we moved back to just Rimadyl.

      2. Runners throughout the house. She now balks at walking more than a foot across non-carpeted surface, so we runner everywhere she wants to go.

      3. Range of motion exercises. Each day, I do some basic ROM on her back legs to try and keep them from further atrophying.

      4. Acupuncture and chiropractic work monthly. The chiro made a big difference after her injury. Now, it helps her energy levels but doesn't improve her mobility.

      At this point, we watch for pain and distress, and just love on her lots.

      Best to you and Chappy.
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      May 2014
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      I'm sorry your precious Chappy is starting to have a hard time......Our 13 yr old girl, Molly, has problems with arthritis, and due to liver issues she can't be on Rimadyl. She is on the new med, Galliprant. It is expensive because it is new, but we don't mind. She has given us her whole life--the least we can do is try to keep our girl happy & comfortable. She was put on that because about 3 rears ago the vet found that her ALT liver level was elevated somewhat, but not alarmingly. So the vet said we'd just watch that, because it could be do to so many things, including an aging liver. So I didn't think much more about it until Molly's vet check the next year. The ALT was even higher, although still not dangerously high, so the vet put her on Denamarin, which is a mixture of Sam-E & milkthistle. This was to help support her liver. At her last vet check the ALT has gone down some, but hasn't gone back to a normal level, so Molly may have to stay on it the rest of her life. Please keep us posted on how Chappy is doing.....

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      tmsquirg (10-29-2017)

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