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      Jun 2014
      C. WA
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      Kimber is a few months younger than my Mata who ALSO gave me a real scare ~1-2 wks ago! I was taking 4 of my dogs for an offlead walk, including visiting boy Turbo (Kiku son). I was more worried about keeping tabs on Turbo since he's not technically MINE (I bred him, and he's here for breeding... so my responsibility!). I turned to shut my lower gait, and there was NO MATA to be found. Anywhere. Mind you, there is a very very fast concrete lined canal right in front of us and a path that goes to the left or right that I can see down for a long ways.. certainly long enough for a 12.5++ yo. No Mata though and yet I saw 2 "redheads" (ducks) suddenly fly off the canal. Didn't make the connection. I blew my come in whistle, I called her name, I walked to the north and to the south (our normal direction which I can see for a mile down that path). OMG OMG OMG. She had been so excited about the walk while walking down to the gait that I envisioned finding her dead due to heart attack or something... all the terrible things that go thru your head!!!! Finally I decided to walk in our normal direction hoping she was just enjoying the Honeycrisp on the ground at the orchard 500 yds away or so. Nope. Continued down the path blowing my come in whistle... well about 2/3 of a mile down, here comes a VERY happy and wet Mata!!! I do believe she launched herself into that canal and "rode the wave" to the normal swim spot (equip launch site for the canal folks when it's drained). Omg omg omg though.... I needed hair coloring after that.
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      Enjoy Miss Kimber!

      We too live in a rural area, and I took my Leeloo for a walk yesterday. I used to let her run free but she doesn't hear the cars, even if they are rarely on our street she doesn't move out of the way. So on a leash we went and though we only walked half the distance we would walk when she was younger, it was enough to exhaust her. She didn't move for a few hours afterwards. I was afraid I had over done it, but a frosty paws treat woke her right up. I know my dogs are older, so we are taking full liberty and spoiling them as much as we can, so they can enjoy their senior years. I regret that I thought I would still have more time with my Max, but he left us too soon. My deepest condolences to your friend on the lost of her dog.
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      It's so nice to hear Kimber enjoyed a bit of an adventure. The cooler weather is magical. Enjoy every moment with her

      Run free Scout.

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      It's great that Kimber is getting out and about.
      Rest in peace Scout.
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