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    Thread: Diabetes

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      My 6 year old yellow male was just diagnosed with early onset diabetes. He was peeing excessive amount of urine and drinking a lot. He was also waking up 2-3 times a night to urinate. I thought it was a uti but, his glucose levels were very high. He was admitted and given a dose of insulin. Was stabilized and sent home. He is not on insulin now because his body is some what producing but, if his levels go above a certain number or he has those uti symptoms again then to come back. We have a vet appointment 2 times a week to check his numbers. He is on his same food for now. The vet said we will have to take one day at a time. His numbers have been increasing 10 -20 higher every day. Eventually he will be a full diabetes and need insulin every day. Anyone have experience with this I have never had a Labrador with this disease.

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      Not a Lab but our JRT mix developed diabetes and needed daily insulin shots. We used one of those testing meters from the drug store and ended up taking the blood sample from his upper lip. I guess he understood what we were doing because he never put up a fight when we rolled up his lip and "popped it" for a sample. We usually did this right before dinner and the funny thing was after a while when we got into a routine e always stood in that particular spot when it was dinner time all most like "hey, I'm waiting" it's dinner time.
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      I am so sorry to hear about Diabetes in such a young dog.

      I have no experience whatsoever, but just curious how a dog would acquire this? Is it possibly diet related?

      Sending only good thoughts for your boy...

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