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      Tanya, I am so sorry to hear Rocky isn't doing so well. I hope the meds will help him and make him comfortable. It's really tough to see our babies get old. Hugs to you.

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      I know how hard it is. I feel for you.
      I did B infections for Montana and it was only $12 I thought...it definitely is worth it if you can find it cheaper. I did it for him for 2 months right until the end.

      Hang in there. I know its easier said than done. You're doing the best you can

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      Quote Originally Posted by Tanya View Post
      Thanks everyone. It was a "woe is me" sorta weekend. And yes Rocky remains...Rocky. he was up and keep for meals, for food. begging like always. Many things bother me a ton but don't bother him at all (well the drooling bit he didn't seem to be too comfortable with per say).

      Poor Kimber

      I was talking to a friend who reminded me of what my vet said at the end of our last visit. He said the weather changes in the coming weeks and months are often hard on dogs. He was recommending Vitamin B injections every two weeks or so to get thru the weather changes. I thought nothing much of it other than "Rocky is doing awesome and I can't pay $60+ every two weeks for vitamin B. BUT it gives me hop that maybe it does have to do with weather change and MAYBE this means it's just a low part and he'll bounce back - similarly for Kimber as well.

      It seems no weather is good for them. Other than the nice two weeks of fall where it was 0-10 degrees (C). Saturday was freezing rain, no we have snow on top of that. Tomorrow it will go up significantly to hopefully melt all the ice.
      Our vet said the same thing. The cold weather is a lot to take for older dogs. Prayers for Rocky .

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