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    Thread: Benadryl

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      May 2014
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      Details to come soon but how much Benadryl do you use for a 30 lbs. dog?

      Got a new girl today with allergies

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      May 2014
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      When Ferris got stung by a bee and had a swollen face, the vet told me it's one m/g per pound of body weight. He was around 55 lbs at the time so I gave him two human capsules (25 mg apiece). Your dog should get 25 mg. Good luck!

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      1mg / lb is the standard dose. For an allergic reaction I've doubled w/o issue. Also have done more than the interval suggested for dogs-- dogs have a shorter digestive system so are a bit more tolerant. 25mg otoh, knocks me on my butt!
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