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    Thread: It's so Quiet!

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      Quote Originally Posted by Berna View Post
      Guys, what are your reasons for not trying the wheelchair? With Cookie, what's troubling me is the arthritis in his front leg, so when his back end weakens I don't know if it would be of any help to get a wheelchair.
      I had the same issue with Scully ... had it only been her back end I would have done it in a heartbeat, but her front wasn't strong enough. Neither of the other two ever got to the point where I thought they needed it, but in an otherwise healthy dog I would certainly do it. I have a friend who got one for her elderly border collie and it gave her a good 1-2 more years.

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      Yes, it's sad to see them age. CAn Rocky lie down and eat? Will he? Is there some reason dogs should not lie down and eat?

      Oban is only 10 but with his wonky left elbow and visible arthritic swelling in his right paw we have noticed this is the first winter he poops on the trail instead of bounding through 10 or 20 feet of snow to get off the trail. The snow has been level with his back so maybe he's just being smart, for a change.

      I've wondered about the wheelchair too. I have seen contraptions with wheels in front. OH asked our Vet about a brace for Oban's elbow but she says because he is still mobile with it, sometimes too much, he needs to keep using it as long as he can.

      He was an awful old fuddy duddy yesterday. We washed the car in the warm spell and I simply could not get him going to run around inside and chase and lick at the spray like he used to do. I had to entertain the OH by licking my side window all by myself.
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      Sarah is starting to have problems with weakness in her rear end too. She has had some muscle wasting on her right side for a year now making it harder for her to get up on the couch. She still loves her walks and running around in the yard although she did give me a scare several weeks ago. We had gone to get our pictures taken she was so excited then just starting spinning in circles and tried to lay down. I had to move her over to a quiet spot and let her just relax for a few minutes then she was good to out back to my explorer to go home. Not sure if she just got to excited or what her deal was but she is ok now.

      Ginger was having what we thought were consecutive uti's, so this last time her vet wanted to take and xray to see if there were bladder stones as her urine was positive for protein but not infection. Long story short she had a spot on her bladder and now with the med vet doctor thinking it might be something to do with the tube thickening from the bladder making her feel like she has to go and not cancer. We are trying meds but not sure this is even the problem as she is still relieving her self then squatting again after a couple times after. Ginger choked on her dinner last week scared me half to death. Made an appointment for her the next morning to have her swollen glands checked out but still nothing concrete about what is going on with her. She is still playful too! So thankful both my girls are still enjoying life. My heart aches for those going through the rough patch with their senior babies.
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