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    Thread: Rocky - video

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      Rock looks good in the video.

      I have a biased view on the age thing too, as I lost Tan at 12 1/2 and he gave it his all. The 14, 15, 16 age thing does happen but I don't think it's the norm. I'd rather take it day by day and know what the reality is. Tanner's father lived to almost 16, but he didn't, so you never know. I hope you have a lot more good days with Rocky!
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      Griffin growing up!

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      He looks good in the video.
      Lazer is helping Scout too. His one elbow has arthritis, and parts of his back get stiff. He has started water treadmill as well, and we have stretches twice a day, and a series of exercises twice a day from the rehab vet. The surgery he had last spring for that growth on his anus really did him bad, the rehab vet figures while he was under anesthesia, his limbs werenot supported in a spread-eagle position and it has really caused him issues. The hope for Scout is to gain a bit of muscle mass back, and also flexibility. He so loves field work that I hope he can continue with it thru the summer and into the fall.
      My other 2 boys were 14.5 (and had he not had an obstruction and needed surgery, would have likely been one of those 16yr old labs that's still chasing tennis balls) and a few days shy of 15. But Scout is such a large lab, and has such poor conformation, that I will be very happy if he makes 12 somewhat comfortably.
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