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      Quote Originally Posted by Annette47 View Post
      Yes, arthritis tends to "flare" so once this flare calms down she should be able to be a bit more active, although probably not to quite the same level as when she was younger. Another thing to ask about is if they do alternative treatments like acupuncture or cold laser. Both have helped my dogs in the past and are "safer" than meds ....

      thanks, the vet did mention acupunture and I will look into it as an alternative to meds

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      We do acupuncture and or cold laser about once a month. TCM is also helping. Pretty sure Oban's arthritis is not as bad though and it's not in his hips.
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      If the vet feels she needs to stay on Rimadyl long term for arthritis & hip dysplasia, you might want to ask about a newer med which helps with arthritis....It is called Galliprant, & is supposed to be easier on the liver than Rimadyl, especially since Labs seem to be more prone to developing liver problems from it than other breeds. I think we had Molly on it for a year & a half or so--she already had liver problems so vet did not want to start her on Rimadyl. She still did pass away due to liver failure, which was heartbreaking & I hope I never have another dog that has to go through that. But I think the Galliprant helped her have a longer life than she would've without any meds for her arthritis. Good luck, please keep us posted.....it is so hard when our babies get old.

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