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    Thread: It may be time

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      Jun 2014
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      It may be time

      Hi everyone,
      I posted a few weeks ago about having trouble dealing with my aging chocolate lab. "Hershey" is 14 and will be 15 in early December. The past day or so, she has become more weak in her back legs and is struggling more. We have a scheduled check-up on Saturday morning and I'm scared it is time to say goodbye. I am devastated.

      Within the last day or so, Hershey is falling more. At times, she can't get up and just waits for my husband or me to help her up. In addition, she is almost completely deaf and is bowel incontinent. I'm not sure she sees well either - however, she isn't at the point of bumping into things. Hershey also no longer barks. She has the condition (name?) where the nerves are dying. I've known this for a while.

      Otherwise, Hershey eats well and once she is up and walking around, seems to be feeling well. When she stands to eat, etc., you can watch her back legs weaken until she can no longer hold herself up.

      As I said, we have her appointment at the vet on Saturday morning. It will be the day I have dreaded - I will be having a "quality of life" talk with the vet. I'm just not sure it is fair for Hershey to continue this way. I'm sick over this. I'm devastated. I can't get her off my mind - I don't want my baby to suffer. I don't know how much Hershey hurts - she sits very slowly and as I said, getting up is now tough for her. I'm at a loss of how to explain this to my three year old daughter, other than Hershey has gone to heaven.

      I have cried and cried - I think it could be time for the most difficult decision probably of my life. I will consult with our vet on Saturday. However, I'm prepared for the worst - the handwriting is on the wall. The pain from this is excrutiating.

      Thanks for listening...

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      May 2014
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      Prayers for you and Hershey.

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      May 2014
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      So, so sorry. My heart and prayers are with you and Hershey.

      There are some excellent books for young children to help explain a pet's passing. Some are to help the parent explain, others are children's books. Maybe one of those will help.

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      May 2014
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      I am so sorry. Sending prayers of comfort to you and your family.
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      Maxx and Emma Jean

      Ozzy - 10/2002 - 06/2011 - Rest well my sweet boy. You are forever remembered, forever missed, forever in my heart.

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      House Broken
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      May 2014
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      Prayers for comfort, wisdom and strength for you. Hershey sounds like she has had such a wonderful life! It's so, so hard to come to this point. I believe we are getting closer with our Maddie, who will also be 15 in early December (the 11th). She also has the weak hindend problems (dygenerative myleopathy - sp?) that affects her barking. We are in much the same place, although I don't have an appointment scheduled yet. Please know that you are not alone in this... and know that Hershey knows that she is loved. Prayers for you and your family.


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      May 2014
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      We are dealing with this with Hudler. He's only 13 though. Every day we wonder if he's going to eat. He has problems going poop outside. We just lost Maddy on 3/31/14 and I just know we are going to lose Hudler this year too.

      Look into Welcome GOLPP Dogs (formerly "idiopathic laryngeal paralysis")
      Not much you can do, but at least you can understand the LP/neuropathy link.
      Jack, Jed, Tickle and Grizz
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      May 2014
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      I almost couldn't look at this post. I've been where you are more times than I care to think about. It's the most difficult decision we have to make for our babies. I consider it the ultimate act of love, to help them pass with dignity and mitigate the suffering. All I can say is you know Hershey, and if your gut tells you that it's time, it probably is. I'd rather send them over the bridge a day to early, rather than a day to late.

      My thoughts and prayers are with you and Hershey.

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      Jul 2014
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      I am so sorry for you
      It is a very hard decison to have to make.
      We had to let Zeus go less than 2 weeks ago

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      May 2014
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      Prayers for you and Hershey.

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      May 2014
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      I'm so sorry.

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