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      House Broken
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      May 2014
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      Daily senior vitamins / empty gelcaps

      Not sure if this is OK to post (mods, please let me know or just take it down if not.... my apologies for overstepping the rules. )

      I've got an unopened bottle of senior vitamins that we no longer need since we lost Maddie :```-(
      I was using them because we were homecooking.

      I've also got very large gelcaps left from when I was making her capsules filled with Chinese herbs. I know these are hard to find, because I had to talk the manufacturer into selling them to me. Consequently, I had to buy 500 at a time. So I've got 3-4 boxes of 100 left.

      PM me if you're in need...


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      Senior Dog
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      Have no tips or advice, just want to say that after Lynn passed, I gave all her meds we had left to my vet, whom I trust, to give them to any of his clients who couldn't afford to buy the stuff and whose doggies were sick and might benefit from them. M&M
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      Lynn 5/17/1999 - 7/23/2013
      You shall never be forgotten, my friend

      Mel *6/14/2013
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      Did the same as MikeLynn. The meds I returned were ones that had come from her office. In fact, their office has passed on to me supplements from other patients who have passed.

      Have not had to use capsules. I'm sure someone will be able to use them.

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