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      Question Food for Pancreatitis

      Does anyone know a good food to feed a dog that has Pancreatitis other than the prescription food from the vet. If you ever read the contents in the prescription food, its shocking. Not exactly what you want to feed your dog.

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      I haven't dealt with pancreatitis but have fed Annamaet Lean, which is about 8% fat. There was a thread a while back from someone looking for a low fat food that I'll post a link to. It wasn't specifically pancreatitis, but there is some discussion of various low fat options.

      recommendations for low fat food

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      I know that the prescription foods look nasty on paper, but there is a reason they are formulated the way they are - specifically to meet the needs of a particular medical condition. I'm not sure I would mess around with something like pancreatitis. Maybe once the acute phase has passed, you could look for something else, but if it were my dog, I'd stick with the prescription for a while at least.

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      i'd get lew olsen's book and cook.

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      I agree with Annette....don't fool around with pancreatitis. Jessie has had this twice. The first time we almost lost her. We did precisely what the vet recommended & once she was back to normal, we started her on low fat raw food. If she gets raw meaty bones, we remove most of the marrow. She gets no chicken skin & very little fat. They need some fat, but not a whole lot. She had another episode due to some medication & she got through it quickly. Good luck, its a scary problem!

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      Quote Originally Posted by Lainie View Post
      If she gets raw meaty bones, we remove most of the marrow.

      In raw feeding terms raw meaty bones don't have marrow. Those bones with marrow, like beef femurs etc...have marrow and are referred to as "recreational bones" (never used as part of a dogs meal).

      Recreational bones like beef femurs are often excluded by many raw feeding experts and even if they are given are only recreational.

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      I agree...don't fool around with pancreatitis. It is very serious.

      The prescription canned food is actually VERY GOOD for this condition...and there is a reason why it is formulated the way it is.

      My Toby was very sick a few years ago with a bad case of gastritis...and the prescription food helped him tremendously!

      (To get his system back on track and also to help heal)

      Do what your Vet says!!

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