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      Aug 2014
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      eye waters 80 percent of the time

      I there I don't know what age some ppl clarify a senior lab. my oldest is 8 years and I have been noticing her right eye waters a lot and she blinks it a lot more then the other eye. I have looked to see if there is an eyelash that is bugging her but I cant see anything but I have notices there is a small something that has grown off the top of her eye just under her top lashes and that might be irritating her eye. I guess the vet is the next visit.

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      May 2014
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      Probably wouldn't hurt to have bet look at it especially with her being a bit older ( and not a senior at 8-- just getting going in their prime for a lab!!!) . Maybe it is scratched. I would think if it is only one eye there is definitely some type of irritation occurring. Hope she is ok.

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      Definitely not normal. Could be something in the eye or the tear ducts. I'd have it checked.

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      I'd have the vet look at that lump regardless of whether or not it's the cause for the watering (and, yes, diagnose the watering, too...not normal).

      Best thoughts that it's a benign lump and the actual cause for the watering...if so, removal should fix that.
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      It could be a scratched cornea. The squinting is because she is most likely in pain. The vet can do an eye die test to see a scratch. Make sure they do not prescribe any eye meds with any steroid in it if the cornea is scratched. If they are not sure then take her to an ophthalmologist.

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      May 2014
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      I had an eye dye test done recently and it was around 100 bucks. couple drops in the eye, turned the lights out, and vet looked at eye thrue some device/magnifying glass. ez pz. chili eye was fine, but he has a scar on his skin outside the eye/eyelid.
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      May 2014
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      Our Nikki has a meibomian cyst on her eyelid which causes periodic irritation like what you've described. They aren't recommending removal but I have an eye ointment on hand if it becomes a problem.

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