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      I use Pet Naturals Hip & Joint extra strength for my 12 year old lab. You can order on line at drugstore.com or any other sites. It works like a charm for my senior, one pill in the morning after breakfast. She loves it, I don't even have to put it in cheese or anything! Hope this helps and Mudd feels better soon! Mudd looks just like my senior Charlotte

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      Agree I would give Mudd and taking his pain meds. We usually use tramadol or deramaxx with no problems so far knock wood. Not a lab but Ginger takes Carprofen which is a generic form of rimdyal knock wood so far no problem with this meds. plus they both take joint supplements
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      Acupuncture, Chinese herbs, joint supplements, T-Relief for arthritis and Wobenzym. The first dog that I did acupuncture on 15 years ago was a senior Lab that had been given Rimadyl, Tramadol and then steroids. They had to carry her into my office. She had gained 20 pounds while on the prednisone. In eight weeks she was up and around, lost the extra weight and started chasing the Frisbee again. Find a veterinary acupuncturist in your area by looking on the AHVMA.org website. Their index will help you find one in your area. Good luck.

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      Quote Originally Posted by shellbell View Post
      I would not hesitate at all to use Rimadyl or other NSAIDs on an almost 14 year old dog - you want them to be as comfortable as possible, and sometimes that takes the strong stuff. Tux will be eight next month and is just starting to show some beginning signs of arthritis. I talked to my vet and currently he is on supplements which include a more natural anti-inflammatory. This is working for now, but I fully anticipate that as he gets older, in a few years he will likely need to be on a daily NSAID of some sort. I would not want to start a younger dog on a daily NSAID unless absolutely necessary, but at almost 14 I would not have those same concerns and would be focused on comfort.
      I agree. My almost 14 year old is also on daily rimadyl and hasn't had any issues with it. He has quite a few issues without it (like falling down and not being able to get himself back up). My only issues with are its cost ($90/month at his dose) and the fact that the generic version is a soft chew instead of a hard chew (he doesn't know what to do with those and I end up wrapping them in cheese). He does SO much better on it.

      I should add that my dog is VERY active. He actually frequently injures himself just getting overexcited. He is no longer fond of stairs (he looks at me like I'm nuts halfway up, at least without the rimadyl), but he jumps in and out of the SUV (and often over the seats) like it's nothing, has been known to jump over the back of the couch (when properly medicated) to answer the door, etc. He's nuts.

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      There is a new anti inflammatory out there called Galliprant. It's supposed to have less side effects than Rimadyl & Novox. I haven't used it yet as I have been able to manage Shasta's pain with Gabepentin (pain med, not anti inflammatory). We're also trying out acupuncture and Chinese meds (I call them her MooGoo Gai pan pills LOL...it's realy Di Gu Pi i believe)

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