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      Nov 2014
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      No there are none left. I figure we will be trying to fix fence lines and instal an electric fence before she gets more.

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      There's no real way to be compensated when something like that happens. A lab killed our first batch of chickens, purely for sport. I don't have any biases one way or another anymore. Two mixed breeds also went after our birds. Dogs are dogs. They need to be kept under control.

      My condolences to your friend.

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      So devastating for your friend. Please pass on my condolences.
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      I am so very sorry for your loss and the owners of the dogs should step up and do what is right.

      We had huskies kill some farm animals when they accidental got loose.
      We gladly paid and helped the owners in every way we could and still felt bad but dogs will be dogs.
      I saw a horse at our vets that was attacked by labs, poodles and golden retrievers that got into a pack every evening when the owners got home from work and let them out to run. The vet was trying to decide if the horse could be saved as it was missing most of the muscle on one hip/leg. Dogs will be dogs. They still have the wild animal instinct in them. To condemn one breed is wrong, even the sweetest thing can be aggressive in the wrong circumstance.
      Not condemning anyone just saying....

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      I too am sorry for the loss I am a Pit Lover and always have some Q's when I hear things like this. How do they know they were Pit Bulls? Have the dogs been caught? Did someone with knowledge see them? Don't bully my breed regards. Would the attack have been better if it was Labs? Vic

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