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    Thread: Pineapple Pizza

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      May 2014
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      Question Pineapple Pizza

      There was as debate or friendly war going on over social media a few weeks ago about Pineapple on Pizza. The President of Iceland said he would ban it as a topping on pizza if it was in his power. There were lots of funny memes and photos about pineapple pizza.

      My go to pizza is Pineapple, Green Olives, Pepperoni and Hot Peppers. Kind of a modified Hawaiian Pizza. The Hawaiian started in Canada of all places which was brought to light in the debate.

      Pineapple? Yes or No? What is your go to?
      Thanks Everyone!!

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      May 2014
      Carolina in my mind..
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      Generally speaking, no pineapple, although if I have no other choice, I'll eat it. Green olives? No.

      My favorite would be one from my nearby pizza place that they call a Murillo- it's a white pizza, no tomato sauce, with onions, mushrooms, and hot banana peppers over mozzarella and parmesan cheeses. As a bonus, throw some pepperoni on that bad boy and I could eat that every day. They also make a greek pizza with no tomato sauce, just a mozzarella base with diced tomato, red onion and feta cheese- very tasty. In fact, this place makes a number of pizza without tomato sauce- buffalo chicken, chicken with ranch dressing and arugula, chicken caesar, grilled eggplant, chicken with gorgonzola cheese, come to think of it, more white pizzas than red sauce pizzas. I also make pizza at home occasionally and here my favorite would be basil pesto in place of tomato sauce, diced tomato (canned works fine), mozzarella and some feta cheese. My next favorite to make at home is barbecue chicken with barbecue sauce as the base, grilled chicken, red onion, a smoked cheese like gouda is especially good but I usually just stick with mozzarella.

      OK, TMI. I guess you could say I like pizza!

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      barry581's Avatar
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      May 2014
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      Mine is pepperoni, Italian sausage, and pepperoncini.

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      May 2014
      Tri Cities Ontario
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      that slightly sweet taste of the hawaiian pizza is a nice alternative to the strong meat flavours - friends and i usually order one hawaiian and one more traditional, just for the change
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      May 2014
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      No thanks. I'm not a big pizza eater but if I do, tomato and spinach.
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      May 2014
      Grand Rapids, MI
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      No Pineapple, No Olives of any color, pretty much my only rule.

      Plain pizza, like traditional though, you know pepperoni, cheese tomato sauce meh, not really a huge fan nothing I would order but if free I will eat it.

      Specialty Pizzam, Oh now I love special pizza. Pizza hut in Michigan sucks to a major degree. I put them right up there in sucky pizza as greasy Dominoes. However Pizza Hut in Northern Indiana they have some of the top grossing pizza huts and highest awarded in the world. They have some awesome pizza's. My favorite is the Taco Pizza basically a pizza with refried beans, taco meat, cheese, onions, Jalapeno baked right in. Then when it comes out they put fresh shredded lettuce and fresh sliced tomatoes and crushed taco chips on it. Served with fresh salsa. They have others but thats my favorite must get anytime I am in the area.

      Cedar point has a gourmet pizza place, their vegetarian pizza is awesome. First the sauce is a white creamy ranch sauce, then with broccoli, cauliflower, shredded carrots and bell peppers all in it. It is another awesome yet unique pizza.

      Barbecue pizza, another favorite, BBQ sauce, then the meats and while most have had BBQ chicken pizza the best I ever had was a BBQ ham one with large slices of ham you bit into with bacon as well.

      Another place near me has a Thai pizza, it is as you would expect hot and spicy with a Thai sauce.

      I guess I got for the more unusual pizza, while I love fresh pineapple, just not on Pizza. Olives are one of the few food I really hate the taste.

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      katALlabs's Avatar
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      May 2014
      LA (Lower Alabama)
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      I'll have a couple of slices of Hawaiian pizza but for me it's "throw everything on it including the kitchen sink" type of deal I like and that usually doesn't go over well with everyone else so I usually settle for what everyone else is having.
      There's not much I won't put on pizza.
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      May 2014
      United States
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      Is there any bad pizza? LOL

      I like anything and everything on my pizza, home made, store bought, or take out. Extra anchovies please. :-)

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      shellbell's Avatar
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      May 2014
      St. Louis area
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      Pineapple is my absolute favorite. I usually order pineapple and onion.

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      May 2014
      Eastern Ontario Canada
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      From the first time I ate a pizza with pineapple I was hooked - pizza MUST now have pineapples on it I only order Hawaiian and when I make pizza at home I include pineapple.

      But otherwise I am pretty picky on toppings. no onions, no mushrooms, no olives of any kinds. While I generally like peppers, I don't like them on pizza....

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