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    Thread: Favorite shoes.

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      May 2014
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      Quote Originally Posted by MightyThor View Post
      I've heard that the Oboz brand of hiking shoes and boots run narrow, even in their regular widths. Might want to try those on if you see them anywhere.
      Thanks but it looks like they are not sold in Canada. At least not in Ontario.

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      May 2014
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      I thought you had lost you favorite pair to a puppy!

      I have a pair of Croc's that I just slip on when running out to the garden or walking the dogs at night. I buy BA Mason boots for work. They feel like house shoes the first time you put them on. Adidas running shoes, Merrell hiking boots. I never go cheap on shoes, tires or mattresses.
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      Quote Originally Posted by MightyThor View Post
      Depends on what I'm doing. Salomon for trail running, Ahnu for hiking, Sorel for winter casual, Columbia for winter play (like snowshoeing), Mucks for around the farm, and Chaco sandals all summer (I have 7 different pairs in colors to match pretty much everything in my wardrobe hehe).

      I tried to buy a pair of Chaco's based on reviews and recommendations from a couple friends. Sadly they didn't fit my messed up feet.

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      Like you I love Merrel for the same reason, great arch support and comfortable with good traction and support. I have a couple pair of Merrel. However ultimate go to is Vasque it is the hiking line of Redwing shoes. Anyone that does a lot of walking should at least look at these and give them a try especially with a lab. Oh they are pricey but worth it. Completely waterproof, however gortex lined to wick away moisture. Extremely comfortable and great arch support. While they are hiking shoes and boots. I usually get the boots because of ankle support as well. They are comfortable enough thats what we also use to run agility in.

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      May 2014
      Tri Cities Ontario
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      I've got a mix of Merrel, Keen, crocs, boggs, Columbia, sketchers
      My pair of semi-casual go with anything is a black suede slip-on Merrel. also have a pair of ankle boots that have fit right from the start. Have some Keen lace-ups that a super comfy as well. For Obed and Rally ring, i couldn't believe it, but have found a pair of slip on sport/running shoes from sketchers are perfect - enough arch support, quick to get on and off, super lightweight, and for whatever reason, the soles although not slippery are perfect for doing pivots etc on rubber mats. have them in black and brown for whatever outfit i'm wearing - literally they are only worn for from the crate area into the ring and back, then "street" shoes go back on (lots of places want clean shoes in training halls and rings), or get put on for training class, and come back off after.
      my Columbia ankle hikers are wonderful, but will need replacing after this summer, booooo.
      Crocs are great for in and out of the yard with, and definitely get worn a lot in the summer. finally got a pair of Bogg rubber boots after my last "cute" pair died. I was also living the winter in a tall pull-on pair of bogg-like insulated wet-suit type boots, but the last pair has a hole somewhere, and if i can scrape the money together i will replace them with a pair of Muck boots.
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      Not sure who mentioned Rockports but I bought a pair in 1996 for work and still wear them today. They are indestructable. They have no treads on them and when it's wet out I have to be careful but they are still my dress up shoe.

      I wear a lot of Doc Martens. I have a pair 3/4 boots that are still in good shape and they got to see the Ramones in the mid 90's among other festivals and concerts.
      Thanks Everyone!!

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      House Broken
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      May 2016
      Lawrence, KS (formerly in Topeka 50+ yrs)
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      LL Bean hiking boots, New Balance walking shoes & sneakers

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      May 2014
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      Merrel's sandals are my fave for all the reasons everyone has said.

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      Jun 2014
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      It varies. If I am going for a flat out sexy look, I slide into a pair o' La Floozie 13 EEE pumps in Mossy Oak Camo.

      Busting me gut,
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      Quote Originally Posted by IRISHWISTLER View Post
      It varies. If I am going for a flat out sexy look, I slide into a pair o' La Floozie 13 EEE pumps in Mossy Oak Camo.
      Hot stuff! I gotta get me some of them!

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      IRISHWISTLER (04-06-2017)

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