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      Vegetarian with meat please.

      I really like the vegetarian dishes that are coming out in restaurants now. I love tofu and quinoa. Love shaved veg and white bean spreads and roasted red peppers with green olives on naan. My husband makes hummus and babaganoush.

      Without question, I am the most irritating non-vegetarian ever. Because I want that with bacon. Or one of those salad add-ons, like chicken or salmon. I don't want seitan. It's a giant blob of gluten. Give me some chicken with that lovely Thai BBQ dish.

      We went out tonight for double points Monday at a great restaurant with an extensive vegetarian menu and I asked for mine with a side of bacon. The manager came over to deliver our food and asked if I was sure about the bacon. Oh yes. Then he said, "I mean, I like your style but I needed to be sure." Well, geez, put some of that lovely marinated cucumber and honeydew melon salad and dressed quinoa next to some pork loin and I'll order that. But no, they save the really great stuff for the vegetarian menu.

      What we really need is an a la carte menu. I'll just put that together myself, thank you very much.

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