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    Thread: Kind of funny.

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      Kind of funny.

      One of the reasons I'm helping out my neighbor with his yard while he's away at his other house is that we're concerned that he's showing signs of dementia. We have a lot of experience with the issue after taking care of my MIL for 10 years and this guy's kids aren't really part of the picture. Sometimes though, humorous things come up in these situations. Like last night.

      We got a late night phone call from the neighbor. He was concerned that his lawn was overgrown. I reassured him that I had mowed it but he didn't remember that I had said I would and was very grateful as if it was news to him.

      Then he asked me if my husband had given me permission to work on his property. I paused for a moment to work out what he had asked then said, "Yes, of course. Why wouldn't he?" And he said, "Well, maybe he thinks you should be working on yours."

      I have to say that no one has ever asked me if my husband has given me permission to do anything.

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      Bless his heart! It might be a good idea to call or knock on his door each time, maybe it will help his confusion at this point. If it is dementia I am sure you will start to see even more signs, sadly. You are an awesome neighbor, I wish you lived next door to my mom! I wouldn't worry constantly, being an hour away. I go at least once a week but it just isn't often enough, I really need to do better.
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      So sad he is having memory problems. You're so sweet doing his yard. How about writing a note each time you do the lawn, dating it, and tucking in the door so he has a record. It might help him keep track.

      I'm still trying to contact my neighbor about her gardens. It's a limited space but they are so overgrown. Her husband had a bad stroke and she tends him at home, and her health is not great either. They are kinda odd but are very nice to us. I don't want to go over and knock on the door as I know he sleeps a lot. She does have other members of the family mowing but to my horror, one time they just wacked down all of the flowers. She's always loved her little gardens.

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      LOL We're finding that too. That Dementia has it's funny and entertaining aspects. Neighbours looked out for my Mum when she was still in her house.

      Our street is great for that, if a neighbour doesn't do something a person will just go and do it. Blowing snow mostly but also grass cutting sometimes, pick up mail, tidy up. It's nice.

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      janedoe (06-24-2014)

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