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      "Dreams O'er Coffee"

      Aye Mates,
      Whilst sipping on me morning coffee this morning I could not help but be transported to a place in me mind on brisk Maine waters, the smell o' the Atlantic on the wind permeating me nostrils, the sounds o' the wave action lapping up against the boat, and visions o' strings o' eider bombing in toward the rig. From now until November, I'll just need to resign meself to just dreaming o'er me java. Come November, the tide will shift to hitting the big water with Maine Master Guide and USCG Captain Troy Fields of Traditions Guide Service. Troy and I have been in regular communication for some six years now, most o' our banter revolving around Labrador Retrievers and women's soccer (both of our daughters being outstanding players o' the beautiful game). T'was not until this April that we finally got a chance to meet face to face.

      As one o' the guys that regularly volunteers to make the Conservation Officer James V. Spignesi Jr. Memorial Scholarship and ongoing annual success, I find meself regularly reaching out for support to folks that might be interested in contributing in securing the education of the fish and wildlife management leaders of tomorrow. All said, I approached Troy with an email request in that regard. Two nights after sending out me mailing to Troy and whilst on me way home from an organizational meeting for the scholarship fundraiser, I received a call from none other than Troy. "Mike, Troy Fields here, I got your email request and wondered if you could tell me more about your banquet". Of course, I filled in Troy perhaps more than he cared to hear, me Irish gift o' gab now engaged full throttle at the chance o' securing a donated hunt for our auction in support o' the scholarship. The Connecticut Conservation Officer's Association supports $13,000 yearly in scholarships in tribute to our Fallen Brother James V. Spignesi Jr., killed in the line of duty whilst conducting a foot patrol to combat illegal deer poaching activity. Filling Troy in on the many special initiatives that CCOA conducts in addition to funding the mentioned scholarships, Troy said, "Mike, I donate one hunt each year and that most often goes to Ducks Unlimited but this year it's going to you". Once again I was humbled by the generosity of a true sportsman wanting to step up in giving back. Troy agreed to send out some promotional literature, business cards, and some coffee mugs with his business logo on them to display at our banquet event. I told Troy that I would like to invite himself and a guest to our banquet for his generous donation of a one day sea duck hunt for four gunners. Troy told me he would have to check with his "boss" ( now known to me as his lovely gal Terri). Terri is a true keeper, she is gorgeous, has a grand personality, and she loves to hunt and fish. Troy contacted me a day later and told me that he and Terri would be coming down to Connecticut for our banquet. I immediately offered to set them up with lodging and he told me that they would need to return to Maine the same night o' the banquet due to obligations they had the next morning. I was literally blown away. This fellow waterfowl fanatic from Maine, a first year donor to our event, was so generously supportive to our efforts in paying tribute to Jim that it brought tears to me eyes and left me near speechless ( a rare moment in history for those o' ye that keep me company will tell ye). I have had the distinct honor of knowing a number o' folks from Maine (many o' them fellow outdoors fanatics) and there seems to be a common core o' care for their neighbors that I don't find in a lot o' me travels to other locals.

      Folks, meeting Troy and Terri was truly an honor and we have been in touch a number o' times since the banquet. I can't wait to get out on the salt with Troy in his newly upgraded big water boat with me gunning mates for two day's o' gunning sea ducks. Ye see, three o' me best lads and I decided to bid on the hunt and schedule an additional day's hunt with Troy if we won the bid. As luck would have it, we succeeded in winning the bid and contributed funding toward the scholarship fundraiser at the same time. A win-win for certain.

      I'll be documenting our hunts in November with an upcoming photo essay. Should ye be so inclined to want to try ye wing shooting skills on some really tough birds in a boat whilst rocking with the wave action and the opportunity to hunt with a first class Master Maine Guide and a true gentleman, I highly suggest ye consider contacting Captain Troy Fields of Traditions Guide Service, I know ye won't find a better guide, nor a more stand up lad.

      In the meanwhile, I'll just continue swinging on eider, scoter and old squaw whilst gazing into me coffee cup.

      Cheers Mates,
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      What an honor he gave to the association. A true gift of himself and his talents. Now all you have to do is wait, and wait, and wait.
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      Troy and Terri sound like wonderful caring people, to give so much on first impression. Their acts of kindness and compassion for your cause is beautiful.
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