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    Thread: "Agri-Art"

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      Aye Mates,
      Once again me wife and I attended the annual farm party held on the last Sunday in June for o'er forty years on the property o' me beloved Mates Bob and Marilyn. Bob passed on some 11 years ago much to the suffering of his many family and friends. A salt o' the earth farmer, he was also a Bluegrass picker and played both guitar and banjo. The party often featured Bob and some of his Bluegrass buddies playing on a "stage" improvised from a hay wagon. No music played today, a stark contrast to the sound of the stringed instruments that once pierced the near silence often befallen the barns and pastures that Bob once worked. In spite of the lacking licks on banjo, flat-top, and fiddle, I could feel Bob present as I moved about with camera in hand, me goal was to capture the essence o' me old friends being in the legacy he left behind. Bob was evident in the smile on Marilyn's face as she welcomed their friends to the farm once more for a festive day, he was present in the faces of his daughter and his grandchildren, and I could see him in the love his son in-law shared for the land. As I ventured about the barns I smiled as I gazed at the collection o' old tractors that Bob loved nearly as much as he did Doc Watson. Yes indeed, Bob was there with us today once again everywhere I looked. We didn't meet face to face, perhaps he was just a few hedgerows o'er. Miss ye buddy, see ye 'round the bend.

      Slan go foill,
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      Good friends never leave us and often place reminders of their presence right in front of us. You're one lucky man.
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      Quote Originally Posted by POPTOP View Post
      Good friends never leave us and often place reminders of their presence right in front of us. You're one lucky man.
      A good friend is a treasure, indeed!!
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