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      "See You In September"

      Aye Mates,
      I was heading past me brother in-law's place last night (about 1/4 mile west o' me home) and saw these visitors on his lawn. What ye see here is approximately 25% of the total resident Canada Geese in the flock. Funny, I automatically started humming that oldie but goodie - "SEE YOU IN SEPTEMBER". Twisted old fowler I am, the passion still burns in me after 48 years of water fowling. Less than a month out.

      Slan go foill,
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      Always seems to be one on lookout.

      They are in abundance around here often nesting in local retention ponds. They cross the roads with a sense of superiority and slow and stop traffic making one take a breath and enjoy a moment of nature and peace in an otherwise hectic day. Around here they have the right-of-way. In the fall their honking overhead, heading south, is a reminder of my days living in Mass.
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      My workplace has a shallow pond, about 2 acres, where excess storm water runoff from the whole site might be stored. While it is used for water storage it's wet year round and Branta canadensis (among other waterfowl) roost and nest. Once the goslings are old enough they trek to the river about 1/2 kilometer away. I ran an errand upriver today and there were perhaps 100 geese taking their ease on the bank.
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