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      House Broken
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      Those who live in glass houses...

      shouldn't hang hummingbird feeders near them. I love watching those little guys, but in the past two weeks I have found two dead on our patio and I hate that. I read that having feeders closer to the windows is actually safer because they're not going to be flying full speed, but I think I will have to go buy a stand and move the feeders further out.
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    I put hawk silhouette decals on some of my windows and the front storm door...they work really well.
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    Aw gee, it's not nice to find any birds dead after hitting your window. We have decals too but some bigger birds still bang in, not as much as before we put them up.

    Love your new siggy pic, that was my favourite photo in that thread you showed them in.
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    That's distressing.

    Though I feed songbirds in the back yard almost year round, I can think of only two bird strikes in the eight years we've been in this house. I think that least part of the reason is that the back yard is full of trees and birds may not be able to get up to full speed.

    The Canada-based Fatal Light Awareness Program (FLAP) has links to interesting products designed to make windows more visible to birds as well as some DIY methods.
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