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      Family Night Dinner

      Grands came over tonight for family dinner and celebrating our daughter's birthday and Halloween. Fun means yellow and orange layered Jello in small glass cups topped with whipped cream and a candy corn on the top and being called a salad. Plus a jelly candy pumpkin as a plate decoration. Dinner was meatloaf, baked potatoes (mac and cheese for the kids), green beans and French bread. Of course, the candy stuff got eaten first. There was a lot of "I'm full" before the rest of the plates were cleaned - so what on a special occasion.
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      Rules are meant to be broken!

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      Candy first? Heck yeah, it's Halloween! The other 364 days dinner can be eaten in the "correct" order.

      I know your kids/grands love your special holiday meals.

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      Sounds like a great dinner. I like the 'candy corn' in a cup.
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