Faye and I were away much of yesterday, travelling to participate in a 5K run and walk, which we'd done last year. The hook was that you were given a Santa suit to run/walk in. Faye did the run, I walked.

The weather going there was wretched - chilly with very heavy rain and occasionally gusty wind. We were less than enthusiastic.

The event started at 5PM. Fortunately the rain broke; there was some light rain only at the beginning and the end. The wind was in our faces on the second half of the course, which is almost flat except for one uphill slope near the end. A couple was at the side just past the top of the slope, encouraging everyone. I said to them 'That wasn't an uphill that was an optical illusion' and she laughed.

Faye shaved some off last years' time. Her niece who was her running partner last year didn't make it - it would have been a four hour drive in heavy rain - so that's a pretty good run in less than ideal conditions. I also finished a little more quickly than last year, somehow stumbling into third place among men in my age group (no spring chickens) and just in the top third overall.

We got home about 8:30PM and the dogs were champing at their bits to get out and eat. It was a good day, and we talked about doing more events like this.

No photo from yesterday. Here's a photo from last year's event.