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      May 2014
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      I Broke my Ankle

      The most immediate consequence is OH will have to assume dog exercise duties. Second disappointment is my sister's dog was to be here the first two weeks of December and I was really looking forward to the walks with both dogs. Bonnie is such a good girl but she might go to my niece's house instead. Third, we are looking at a winter with lots of snow and cold but no skating, skiing or snowshoeing for me till late Dec., probably. I'd already started back skating.

      I was hiking with Oban and climbed a ridge, off the trail, just to see (I'm as bad as my dog, "to see what I could see") twisted it as ground gave way beneath the snow, saved myself from going down by planting the same ankle and rolled it over. Then we still had to get to the car and I chose the longer route because it was relatively flat and then I had to drive home yet. It's the fibula broken but it did not displace so I may get away with only the air cast I have now.

      You may have noticed my new siggy pic of Oban jumping for joy over a log. I set that up on said walk. We were hoping for more such walks very soon. Phooey all to heck.

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      Hoping your ankle heals up quickly and you can get back to all those winter activities.

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      I hate being sidelined...and hate that you are, too. I hope your recovery goes quickly.
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      Bummer! But I love the new sig pic. This is the best time of year for walkies with our pups - all because of that "oh boy SNOW!" reaction!
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      May 2014
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      Oh no! I broke my ankle in a similar way, out with the dogs, rolled it/evulsion fracture to prevent myself from falling. Make sure you do all the range of motion exercises after it heals, it was a bugger to get it as flexible as it was before. I'm sorry, what rotten timing.

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      Jun 2014
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      Sorry about your mishap. Wishing you a full and speedy recovery.

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      Having had two ankle surgeries for OCD on the Talar dome (basically a pothole in the cartilage and bone), I would be more concerned about soft tissue injury vs a bone break. Bones typically heal without incident in 6 weeks.

      Soft tissue can become a nightmare if not healed properly and can require future surgeries. Ligaments (bone to bone) and tendons (muscle to bone) can be overstretched and cause future instability in the ankle. Scar tissue can over form causing impingement. The tibia and fibula may have banged into the talar dome and can cause a future OCD, and you don't want that believe me. Nerves can also be impacted, etc. etc.

      As another poster suggested, I would follow Dr's protocol and stay non-weight bearing as long as he says. I would do passive ROM when he gives OK. Full PT will be needed once he allows and you should be diligent to get strength and stability back. At this point I would ice and elevate regularly as well. Keeping the swelling down will limit the amount of scar tissue that can form in the area.

      Hope your recovery goes well.

      Griffin growing up!

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      Nov 2014
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      Oh no ouch. I hope you heal well.

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      May 2014
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      Ohhhh, I'm sorry to hear that! I'm glad it wasn't so badly broken that you couldn't get back to your car! Hope you feel better soon!

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      May 2014
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      Oh, oowwwww. Healing thoughts coming.
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