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      Sorry for those typos I just saw no. Lol
      So they offered me the job and want me to start asap. The drive is holding me back. I honestly need to consider it and what it means for my daughter. I would be getting home an hour and half later. As a mom I just feel like I hate to lose time with my daughter. I know it's not a perfect word though. Just this is what's on my mind. So far though everyone I talk with says do it.
      It will be so hard to give notice...I'm not even sure what to say. I've been here for almost 10 years. It isn't a career though....oh and one sucky thing ( besides the commute) is that I would lose my 1k bonus. Yikes.

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      I would say thank you, I have a great opportunity and really appreciate the experience.

      You don't have to stay there forever. All good thoughts.

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      I worked full time when my kids were growing up as well. Rather than only consider what you think are negatives about the situation for your daughter, maybe consider some of the positives, which might include:

      Seeing Mom take steps to improve careers prospects, even if it's challenging. You'll be providing a strong role model for a girl soon to become a young woman.

      If you're happier with your job, that can only reflect well in other aspects of every day life.

      Isn't you daughter in about 5th grade, 4th or 5th? She'd be changing schools anyway for middle school so if you decide to move closer to the new job, it would be at a natural transition time for her school-wise.

      Your daughter may learn new skills herself, organizational skills (mom cannot bring your lunch/homework/project if you forget to bring it to school), independence, a new perspective on setting goals and working through difficulties to reach that goal. In the past you've worked with her school counselor when she was having some challenges with friends, you can also let them know about this transition so they can support her if she's feeling anxious about the changes. She may just roll with it.

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      Although you'll be away from your daughter longer with this commute, you sounded like when you needed to take time for your daughter it was stressful asking to be out of the office. Depending on this other company's culture, the work from option you mentioned could be much easier on you if you can work from home on the days the commute would impact something your daughter has scheduled.

      It definitely will be a change to your routine, but you'll adjust. I also think will encourage your daughter its better to have a career vs just a job...and also show her how to adjust to changing routines she will experience throughout her life. C

      As for giving notice, keep it simple - thanks for the experience but I have a great opportunity and when your last day will be. Also put it writing so you give them something formally resigning. It should just say the same thing you can also include incidentals like confirming when you will receive your last check, and unused PTO payout, benefit end date etc. if the company doesn't have good HR policies.

      As for the bonus, can you try an negotiate that as a hiring bonus with the new job? However in the grand scheme of things youll make up for it in other ways.

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      Keep the notice professional. Have you thought about a counter offer strategy. I change jobs every 5 yrs or so and some times I play it and some times I tell them I am leaving so no counter will work.

      Your daughter is a young lady, mine is in 3rd grade and already a fire cracker . More of a little adult then a kid ,even though we wish they were always dependent on us.

      I think look at the also a transition for her to be a younger adult with responsibility and for u moving on to the next phase.

      Good luck which ever you choose.

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      So exciting that you received an offer! Congratulations! I think that everyone above has given the advice that I would have as well.
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      Take the job, you know you want to, just take a deep breath and do it! Congratulations, all your hard work searching for a job in this field is paying off Yay!

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      House Broken
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      May 2014
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      I'd say no. The commute will eat you up eventually. UNLESS, they are flexible on the hours or let you telework once or twice a week.
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      May 2014
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      What's the commute with no traffic? My commute is 15-20 minutes with 0 traffic and 30 to 45 in traffic. It's really not that bad. I would be inclined to take the offer, sounds like a good opportunity for you.

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