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      Senior Dog
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      May 2014
      New England
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      There's a mouse living on my truck.

      I can't catch it and it won't go. Today it was running along the hinge on the tail gate and ran under the truck. The guy at Tractor Supply went for it but it escaped. It just won't leave. We drive around with it. It's a very well traveled mouse. Hope it knows not to investigate certain places.

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      May 2014
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      OMG, I'd be afraid it would run under my feet while I was driving.
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      Best Friend Retriever
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      May 2014
      Moses Lake
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      I hope it doesn't chew your wires & make you stranded somewhere. If it won't leave, maybe it has whole nest of lovely little babies in there somewhere.

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      May 2014
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      Long story.

      We switched from a black bbq to a stainless steel this summer. This is when I noticed dropping all of the place that I would not have noticed on the black bbq. Caught about 4 mice in traps.

      My neighbor was catching them in his basement.

      As I lifted the hood on my car one day, one scurried up the engine and underneath the window.

      As Molly points out this is not good as the will mess up your electrical.

      I placed traps on my two front tires and caught 5 of them over a week or two. Brown field mice. It got pretty cold out and I hadn't caught one in awhile. I am going to check for tracks in the snow later this morning.
      Thanks Everyone!!

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      May 2014
      Campo CA
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      Mice and Rats can do lots of damage to a vehicle. As mentioned chewed wiring, hoses and building nests using insulation chewed off the firewall. Getting into air ducts where they leave their droppings to be blown into your cab (trust me I know) yuck! Hard to get rid of too once they leave a scent trial to find their way around. Deterrence is the best method to get rid of them, make the environment uncomfortable. I use a light spray of Simple Green on my engines (some folks place moth balls) as it will kill their scent then place a "Rid-a-Rat" (small LED strobe I bought off Amazon) under the hood to deter their nesting. Both my trucks sit most of the time making them prime targets for the rodents and the methods I use seem to keep them at bay. Good Luck!

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