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      Sorry for going on and on about this. It's a place for me to vent here and it really is upsetting. The cat has been back here twice since released from his quarantine, howling and fighting both times. On Friday he roughed up our Joey, who is, thankfully, a big coward. I had to rescue Joey from the tree he climbed to escape this cat. The owners came twice but I didn't see them get their cat. I don't think they got him home at all between last Friday and last night, Tuesday. Yesterday evening he came to me, played a bit and took treats from my fingers but was very fixated on the feral Tom so I did not try to pick him up.

      This morning another neighbour, next door to us, has posted a picture of him on our community FB, saying he is hurt and bleeding. She said his paw was ripped and bleeding heavily. Every time this **##@@!$!!! owner has come to our house OH has stressed she is going to be in for Vet bills if her cat does not stop picking fights and that neutering would help. The owner picked him up at lunch time and I saw her leave, she turned away from her house, hopefully going toward the Vet.

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      Poor cat. I really hope she took him to the vet to get checked and altered if possible. There is a stray cat here I have been trying to catch for several months now, he came in the other day with scratches on his face so I know he is fighting.
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