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      Senior Dog
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      May 2014
      New England
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      What are you planting this year?

      I order discount stuff at the end of the year and they ship in the spring. Just got my jubilee cherry tree. It's a self-pollinating cherry which produces up to 25 lbs of fruit a year. It's also a dwarf so I can sneak it in to a smaller area. I'm really looking forward to growing that. We had a bunch of old, scruffy trees and large bushes removed last year, including a full sized cherry that started to suffer when the nearby dogwood became dominant so it will be nice to have a cherry again.

      Started tomatoes from seed for the first time this year. Joke's on me. Every one of them came up under the grow lights. I need bigger pots.

      I'm doing poblanos this year. Finally took on chile rellenos and can't wait to get mine from my garden. My yellow peppers came up too. My husband loves them so I hope I'm successful this year. For some reason, the seedlings all died last year.

      I also want to grow cardoons because the flowers are pretty and I'm going to do a medicinal herb garden since we're getting into tea pretty seriously now.

      Other than that, the standards. Can't stand cukes from the grocery store anymore. The drawback of growing the good stuff.

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      Nov 2014
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      Im planting tomatoes, basil mint, Serrano peppers, Bell peppers, Zucchini.Yellow squash, Cucumbers, Radishes,Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Dill, Lavender, Flat leaf parsley, Thyme. Sage. Im sure there will be more. My seats are already in there second pots hopefully will be ready for planting in the next week or so.

      As far as bell peppers are concerned I like to have them in pots they are easier to manage. The other thing is I save all my egg shells and mix them into the soil and sprinkle around the tops snails hate them

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      Tanya's Avatar
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      May 2014
      Eastern Ontario Canada
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      ordered my seeds last weekend.
      Tomatoes, cuccumbers, strawberries, red pepper, basil, mint...there was more on that list i know haha.

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      May 2014
      Bend, Oregon
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      We have an awful growing season here and big swings in temperature so my outdoor produce options are limited. I'll do various squashes and pumpkins, potatoes, carrots, parsnips, onions, cilantro, basil, cucumbers. Lots of varieties of lettuce will be continuously sowed for continuous harvest. Hopefully we don't get the early season super heat like last year that made all of my lettuces bolt. I'm going to do cabbage this year since I love homemade sauerkraut and it's always best to work with garden fresh.

      I have a greenhouse to extend the season and I'll do peppers and tomatoes in there. I'll probably get the seeds started this week.

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      Senior Dog
      Macy's Avatar
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      May 2014
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      Last year I planted dahlias for the first time ever. I bought them on a whim and on clearance. They were absolutely stunning! Several were 6 feet tall with dinner plate sized flowers on my fence. Super happy I actually paid attention to their care and looking forward to replanting more this spring.

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      Real Retriever
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      May 2014
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      i'm impressed with what everybody grows. I don't do well with most plants but every year try my hand at various herbs, tomatoes and peppers in planters.

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      Mr Kleb's Avatar
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      May 2014
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      Oh boy, what are we not planting?

      Already started: Chocolate Cherry tomatoes, leeks, Hot Hungarian peppers, tomatillos, jalapenos (all 12 seeds sprouted). Lettuce, radishes, and arugula(?) under the hoop tunnel (need to check on them).

      Coming up. Snow peas, herbs TBD. We're letting half the garden lay fallow this year and planting buckwheat as a cover crop. I'm transforming a chunk of the front lawn into a pollinator-friendly area; this fall I'll sow a mix of native and naturalized flower seeds.

      Here's a photo of the seed order delivered a few weeks ago. We like our lettuce What you see to the right of the buckwheat will go into the pollinator planting.
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      House Broken
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      May 2014
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      Yay, garden season is almost upon us!! I just love being outdoors and playing in the dirt .
      We're planting the usual garden stuff, plus my fav basil.
      Last year we had a bumper crop of zucchinis and had to hand them out to the neighbors. Baked umpteen zucchini loaves, grilled them and made zucchini crisps at least twice a week.

      Some photos from last years garden harvest (Ursa is hiding amongst the carrots and leek). And 35 lbs of potatoes and 34 lbs of red beets (no photo)

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      May 2014
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      Have a small garden that I alternate between pumpkins and potatoes. This year potatoes and think I'll try the fingerlings. That will also give me some room for carrots. The two older grans had fun seeing them grow and harvest but the younger two have not. Tomatoes and peppers will be in pots.
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      Woody's Avatar
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      May 2014
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      My garden is small as well. I do a few tomato plants every year but may cut it back as I always end up with too many. I am going to do more hot type peppers as I enjoy them more. My carrots turned out really well last year so I am going to do those again and maybe green onions again.

      I am going to give potatoes a try and maybe watermellon as I have a bunch of potters hanging around. I need to read up on how to manage those.
      Thanks Everyone!!

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