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      Another tool that can be used for larger branches, but not large enough requiring a chainsaw, is a sawzall/reciprocating saw with a Pruning blade on it. I used my cordless sawzall with a $10 12 inch pruning blade from Home Depot and cut down a dozen large bushes. I also used metal tin snips to manually cut the vines that were intertwined throughout everything.

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      Love my trimmer. Have boxwoods in both front and back of the heart. Sorry, Roger, know I doing it all wrong.

      We've got a big project coming up with some bushes on the property line that have turned to semi-trees. Neighbor thinks it's in her yard but survey says no way. Got to get ready for a fence to go in.
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      This thing is phenomenal! My neighbor's house had small vines intertwined with the wires connected to his electric meter and I was able to cut the ends off with precision, avoiding the lines so that I could unwrap the vines. It took off the ends of the hedge beautifully. But it also took a Rose of Sharon bush down to the stump.

      I don't remember these types of tools even in the last ten years. Just so nice to have beautifully designed tools. I'm pretty sure I can take out my entire brush area at the bottom of the hill just with this one thing.

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