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      Food assistance question.

      The woman who runs the kitchen at the shelter we donate to is hoarding the food intended for both the lunches and the food pantry. I know that she has had concerns about feeding her own family in the past and that was probably traumatic but she is now 64, has been working there for 15 years and some of the food is expiring. The vast majority of the food has been donated by us. We put together comprehensive meal components so it's not like she can't put together full meals for the guests and residents.

      Her supervisor is becoming increasingly frustrated. She actually hides food even though the cupboards are full. She'll put it in the back room which isn't appropriate since it's not really a food safe area. I don't buy certain items if I see that there are plenty of them on the shelves but I am aware that she's just not distributing them.

      I have her to myself next week when I deliver. Her supervisor is on vacation. Do I say something? I'm thinking of something like, "I appreciate that you might feel that you won't get the supplies replenished but if I see that there's enough food on the shelves, I don't buy anymore so they just sit there and I don't want them to expire." Honestly, I don't know if her behavior is a logical response to the situation. It seems like a panic moment.

      One other factor is that food banks and pantries are now asking for types of food that I have never seen before. They used to specify undamaged packaging, some wanted organic food and other kinds of high brow stuff. Now they want ramen. It's clear that people are getting desperate if only because they aren't getting enough donations. I also volunteered briefly with a group that specialized in backdoor grocery store pastries and prepared food that had been out for a week then frozen and produce that was past the verge, if you know what I mean. It was beyond depressing. So there's a trend here. But with couponing, I can do so much better and I do. After three years though, this woman can't seem to come around to a sense of security and others don't benefit as a result.

      Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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      I would talk seriously to the supervisor, not the woman. Explain all of your concerns and how things are affecting your contributions. There's a good chance there's something going on that's in need of medication or counseling and it needs to come from someone with authority over her.
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      Definitely deserves a conversation with her supervisor. If she's the one to coordinate your deliveries and donations, maybe the only thing to say to her would be something like there's so much food on the shelves I'll be holding off deliveries and donations until there's room.

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      Without having read SunDance and JC's responses initially, I was thinking it needed to be a convo with the supervisor as well. If they don't find it concerning enough to stop the activity by putting this person in a different position or somehow stopping her in some other way, then you have to decide if it's bad enough that you don't want to donate as you have been doing. The threat of you withdrawing your support might spur them into action to make sure the food goes to the intended recipients.

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