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      It's nice to be appreciated.

      My project this year is our outdoor property. I've hired people to do some heavy duty clearing, take down trees and redo the leach field but the cleanup and revamping doesn't require specialists or heavy duty equipment so I thought I would give it a shot. The project is not minor though. There's lot of it.

      So I talked to my husband about the chainsaw (4"). He was good with that. I asked him about a hedge trimmer. Yeah, that was good. Leaf blower. Yep. Heavy duty grass clipper? Go ahead. Really? Sure. Whatever you need.

      It's about three acres of projects. I'm bringing down saplings, pulling out vines, mulching things with our riding mower and our two push mowers (one is stuck at a high deck level so we picked up another one), trimming, mulching, clearing, you name it. Having a good time and happy with the results. I have to say it's looking good.

      Then I pulled out our ten year old eighteen inch tiller. Total work horse. Completely reliable as a rule. Started fine but I couldn't shift gears. Called the company and it's a known problem with no easy fix. They gave me the name of a repair place and I start to call then my husband says, "Let's just get a new one." Seriously? Yes. It will take weeks to get it back.

      I was on the phone so fast knowing that most companies don't have these things on hand this time of year. First dealership online said it had one but it didn't. After a few more places, called one across the border in a tax free state. They had one left and it was on sale. Into the car we went. An hour each way.

      The new model turned out to be so heavy they had to use a forklift to get it in the truck but it rolls really smoothly in neutral so that was great. On the way home, my husband expressed concerns about getting it out of the truck. We have a ramp that we've never used that's rated for ATV's so I said it wouldn't be a problem. He's still concerned because he can't help and I'm saying worst case scenario is it rolls down the ramp on its own and hits the driveway. Got it home and got it out with minimal effort. Just needed to control the descent while standing off to the side. It's on the driveway and I'm thinking wow! That's an expensive piece of equipment. I looked at my husband and said, "Why were you good with this?"

      He smiled and said, "You're my hero."

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      This isn't the first time that something nice coming out of your husband's mouth has made me smile in appreciation of his good nature and ability to vocalize his feelings.
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      You are, I'm impressed with the work you take on. Hard, physical work that many people would hire someone in to do. Your husband is right to be proud of you.
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